Changsha Medical University

Founded as a Health Vocational School in 1989, Changsha Medical University (CSMU) has a history of over 25 years, which has bestowed the institution with a glorious tradition of producing good doctors for the whole Chinese nation. Through a 25 years development, the university has now become a comprehensive institution with a full spectrum of disciplines, covering such areas as Clinical Medicine (M.B.B.S), Stomatology, Nursing, TCM, Pharmacy, Business, and Information Technology.
Changsha Medical University founded by a famous educator Mr. He Binsheng is located in the historic city of Changsha, capital of Hunan Province. Changsha city is famous for the Xiangjiang River, Pro Yuelu Academy, and Lei Feng’s hometown.CSMU is under the jurisdiction of the Hunan Government. It is recognized by W.H.O, IMED, AVICENNA and approved by USMLE, PLAB, AMC, PMDC, NMC, Middle East Countries, and all over Africa. Students over 30 Countries are studying presently.

Changsha Medical University/College (CSMU), China’s governmental medical university for undergraduates,was founded by the famous educator Binsheng He in 1989. It is situated in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, and was upgraded to a medical university for undergraduates in 2005 by the Ministry of Education. CSMU is under the jurisdiction of the Hunan People’s Government and the professional guidance of the Department of Public Health of the government. CSMU is listed in WHO’s World Directory of Medical Schools and is welcoming students from all over the world.

According to the Latest Rules of MOE China ( Ministry of Education China, Hunan Province PR China ) in June 2014 Every Student of MBBS (Clinical Medicine) must be Clear HSK Level 4 at the end of 1st year. After passing HSK ( Chinese Proficiency Test ) students will continue to study as MBBS students. While MBBS Degree will be awarded after 6 years Including 1st year of Chinese Proficiency.
In 1st year More Emphasis will be on the Chinese Language alongside the Medical Subjects. After passing HSK University will Start Medicine Subjects according to the Rules and Regulation of the Ministry of Education China.

  • Location: Changsha City, Hunan Province
  • Number of Programs: 42
  • International MBBS starts year: Since 2009
  • Number of International students on Campus: 800+
  • Number of International Student Graduated: 500+
  • Nationalities of Students: from 32 Countries: Indonesia, UK, Canada, Pakistan, India, Ghana, Zambia, Cameroon, Nepal, Namibia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Somali, Nigeria….
  • Hostel Standard for international students: 2 people in one room
  • Kitchen: Yes (Kitchen in every room)
  • Laundry: Yes (washing machine in every room)
  • Canteen: Muslim and non-Muslim canteen available on the campus
  • Human Provincial Government Scholarships.
  • University Scholarships.
  • National Scholarships.
  • National Encouragement Scholarships.
  • National Grants.
International Certifications
  • In 2006: Certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) International medicalEducation School Certification
  • In 2014: Certified by the. International Fund for Medical Education and Research Development (FAIMER)
  • Certified by the Internationa I MedicaI  Education School (1MGD)
  • In 2016: Certified by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) Certified by the Avicenna Directory of k4edlcal Schools ( AVICENNA ) Certified by the World Directory of Medical Schools ( WDOMS )
  • In 2O17: Certified by the  Committee  for the  Education  of  Foreign  Medical Graduates ( ECFMG )
  • Joined the Clinical Medicine List in the Medical Council of India ( MCI )


Fee Structure:
  • First-year full payment is 50000RMB including all the charges may consume on registration at school ( except food expenses and other personal expenses).
  • Books fee from the second year to the sixth year will be paid according to the actual price.
  • Six years is internship year, tuition fee will be charged according to the actual price, if do an internship in China, will pay the full fee, if do an internship in other countries(not China), a student will pay half of the tuition
  • 2000RMB deposit should be paid after receiving the acceptance of documents. others can pay on arrival ( if offer online class, the fee should be paid 2 weeks before online class started).
  • Fee can be paid in USD or RMB. USD will be charged according to the actual currency

Application Materials:

Applicant should submit the following documents:

  • Clear and Colored scan of your passport (first 10pages);
  • Clear and Colored scan Highest educational diploma, transcripts ;
  • Clear and Colored scan of work experience letter (if the applicant has work experiences);
  • Clear and Colored scan of Physical Examination Form;
  • Clear and Colored scan of Non-Criminal Certificate;
  • Clear and Colored scan of Sponsor ID or Passport ;
  • Clear and Colored scan of financial sponsor letter;
  • Clear and Colored scan of Bank statement of Sponsor (balance not less than an equal amount of 7000USD) ;
  • Clear and Colored scan of 2 inches electronic photo with white
  • Clear and Colored scan of China Visa and Chinese University Study letter (if Applicant studied in China before)
  • Clear and Colored scan of Reward certificate or Language Certificate (if have)
  • A self-introduction video (optional)
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